What Does It Really Mean to be a Creative?

Nov 12, 2020

 I think of my mom, the person who could whip together any meal in moments. I think about how she carried three of us in her womb and nourished us into existence... who literally made up my name with my dad (Deborah + Brianna = Debrianna 😱 ). I think about how she teaches fourth graders every day, and has figured out how to do it so well during a global pandemic where computer screens are our main source of connectivity. Creativity is about nourishing. It is more about fostering a place for something to grow.


To be a creative is to be a caretaker, a steward. If you are musical, this might look like honoring the stories of your life by writing songs about it. If you are a sculptor, it might look like stewarding a single piece of clay to help reveal the beauty within it. If you are a stay at home parent, this may look like teaching your kiddo how to read or maybe making up a fun game outside. If you are a writer, it looks like nourishing and stewarding the ideas and the words gifted to you. 


As much as we don’t like to hear it, we rarely come up with our own ideas. Most of what we create is a culmination of things we learn throughout the years, things we feel, hear, see. A lot of it is organizing all these things into a mesh pot and seeing what comes out. I don’t say this to downplay the importance of creating, in fact I say it to do the opposite.


Creativity, then, is more about stewardship. 


I like to define a creative as someone who stewards beauty, solves problems, listens, and sees- a caretaker and vessel. For several reasons, this definition immediately brought a freedom in my life and creative process. First, it takes the pressure off.... YOU DON’T NEED TO COME UP WITH THE NEXT BEST THING! You just need to steward what you have. Second, it instills humility in your heart when you reach highs, or lows, in your journey. This definition of “creative” helps you see yourself accurately, not too high or too low. And lastly, it helps you stay open handed. Many times our creative blocks happen when we grip tightly to what was entrusted to us. 


So now the question is, how are you stewarding what has been given to you?



Let’s digest the situation and see what you are already stewarding. Try this journaling prompt to begin to honor the work your heart, hands, and ears are already doing. Play some inspiring music or create a beautiful atmosphere in whatever way that may be, and begin sharing thoughts on these questions. 


  • How have I handled life’s pains? 
  • How have I handled life’s joys? 
  • What are some solutions I have come up with in the last 6 months (big and small)? 
  • Have I been talking about creating more than actually creating? 
  • What role does compassion play in my life right now? Towards myself and others? 
  • When I have the desire to create, do I follow it? 
  • Do I finish what I create? 


PERSPECTIVE: “I am a steward”

The goal here is to begin realizing that the pressure is off. You are a steward of your life’s stories and all the creative thoughts gifted for you to release into the world. Some things are meant to be stewarded quietly and faithfully, while other things require risk and the public eye in one way or another. This is all about reclaiming your voice, because it matters and you are the only one who can release the gifts deposited in your heart. 

So! The next time you have the desire to create, speak to yourself for a moment and say… “I am a steward. I long to honor the story I carry.” Then simply pause what you are doing (if you are able) and just give that creative thought ten minutes. I wonder what would happen if you began to honor yourself as a creative. 

Anyways... I am off to finish the last step of my sourdough process, make some pesto pasta for dinner, and breathe in the beauty of the evening with my lovely husband!  


Talk soon, 


p.s. this one is dedicated to my beautiful mom who would never boast in her creativity... so I will for her. She taught me mostly all I know and glows with stunning beauty in the world. Thanks for your light mom!!

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