CREATIVE FORMATION: what is it and why does it matter?

Oct 28, 2020


The tender care of an artist and the development of their creative process; accomplished by cultivating the inner life and the well being of the soul. 


Though this isn’t true of all creatives, I see many creatives who have platform, talent, and show stopping performance but lack integrity, compassion, and love… toward themselves and others. I’ve walked with many creatives who suffer with isolation and who are crippled by fear and insecurity. Destructive habits and toxic thought patterns are continually fashioned in this isolation, which make it almost impossible to change course. More than anything, I have walked with creatives whose hearts have been numbed to their present life. Comparison and doubt are the filters they view reality, leaving them constantly numb to the true realities of their life. Trampled by disappointment, the future is filled with dread and the true dreams of their heart feel as far as they could possibly be. 


This is why I started OLIVEHOME and the Creative Mentorship, to teach the values of Creative Formation and help creatives, one by one, with their journey towards health and wholeness. I have devoted myself to the study of formation and the creative process because I believe this is essential to unlock artists into the truest, most honest version of themselves. I desire more than anything that creatives would walk in their fullest capacity, empowered to be fully themselves. 


Creative Formation matters because you matter. You are worth the time to be sown into. You are worth the work it takes to be known, seen, and discovered. You are worth the intentionality and extravagance. Your dreams and ideas are uniquely placed in your heart. Your soul matters and what you do behind closed doors matters. The thoughts that fill your mind, the narrative you keep telling yourself, and the way you speak truly, truly matters. 


You are the true masterpiece. You are the true work of art and beauty. I believe you should be tended to, cared for, and loved. It is impossible to do this journey alone, so I am here with you, feeling the weight of it all with you and making steps towards health alongside you. 


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