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It's never been easy to pin point my calling but in every season of my life, I have always been passionate about creating safe spaces for people to grow into their most honest self. This is what every great teacher, mentor, and friend has done for me and it has radically transformed my life.

In 2014, I had a dream. In the dream, I asked my most treasured Teacher and Friend, "What am I meant to do?" I immediately saw myself building clay homes. The homes were built by our hands but, more importantly, by our words and our songs. I woke up from the dream and my whole perspective changed. I knew that with everything I put my hands to, I was to build a home for people to come and grow. In every conversation, relationship, song, story, meal, and any other interaction, this became my goal, my perspective. 

This passion begin to manifest itself through my education in Spiritual Formation and the Creative Process as well as various jobs, internships, trainings, and retreats. Specifically, my season in Sophia, NC at A Place For The Heart was truly a launching ground for many of these dreams and passions to come to life. I watched as my love and capacity grew to care for those in ministry and those who identify as artists and creatives.

There has been so many variations of this dream, but in the beginning of this year I specifically began to dream up OLIVEHOME in all its grand, beautiful glory.  

I knew I wanted to develop a way to walk with creatives in a more focused, intentional way. After taking many risks and having several months of building, here I am... launching the "version one" of OLIVEHOME.  



In it's full expression, i dream that OLIVEHOME will be a physical home where Artist Retreats and Creative Mentorships are held. It will be a home for many who are seeking to be unlocked in every facet of their lives. 

What you see now is "Version One" of that dream. OLIVEHOME is currently made up a creative mentorship,a website and social media platforms full of resources, art, and teaching in Creative Formation. OLIVEHOME in its current stage, and in all the stages to come, offers three things: mentorship in creative formation, a platform to release art, and community for creatives. 

In it's most foreseeable future, OLIVEHOME will launch courses and teachings on Creative Formation. For now, I look forward to stewarding the hearts that are right in front of me. I believe that the world can be changed with one creative at a time. I am excited to build a home for each of you through songs, teachings, and mentorships. 

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